Learning About Photography – The History, Uses And Production of Photography

Learn More About Photography

Photography is the art, and process, of creating still-life photos by recording radiation on a sensitive material. This is digital imaging sensors or photographic film that captures the image. In most cases of photography, the light is used in place of radiation. By reflecting light from the objects, the images are created on a plate or light sensitive film. This image can then easily be converted into a visual photograph for many purposes.

History of Photography

In the 19th Century, photography was created. It allowed for a completely new way of taking pictures, instead of using paints or sculptures. However, the first practical method of photography can be traced back to 1820, when chemical photography was developed. Nicephore Nippece produced the first photoetching in 1822. Louis Daguerre and Nicephore Niepce invented a new method of taking photos faster using silver or chalk. The invention enabled the first person to ever take a photo. It was done in 1839. Talbot was the first to create negative images. His print is still the oldest known negative. John Herschel developed the blueprint using silver halides in 1819. His discovery allowed photographs to be permanent and enabled the development of the first glass positive in 1839.

Between 1852-1861, wet plate collodion photography was popular. It was in use until the introduction of dry plates. It used a combination of a negative image printed on salt paper and a positive picture on glass. Through the 19th century, photography’s advancements continued to grow. The plates were eventually replaced with film that is still in use today, 1884. Gabriel Lippmann won the Nobel Laureate in Physics in Physics in 1908 for his invention of color.

Uses of Photography

Photography has gained a lot of interest since its introduction. Scientists use photography to record and study the movements of humans, animals, and space. Artists became interested in photography as they love to capture real life and make fantasy out of it. The military uses photography to record dates and keep track of events. Everyday people use photographs to capture special moments in their lives and to preserve them in the photos as a source of entertainment.

Production of Photography

Amateur photography is the production of photography in a non-profit manner and as a hobby. Although an amateur may possess the skills and knowledge of professionals, they do not wish to sell their photographs. When a photographer is paid for his or her photography, it is called commercial production. It can be used in a variety of ways. These things include advertising and fashion, crime scenes photography, still lives, museums, food and editorial, photojournalism and wedding photography. These photographs are then used in publications and newspapers. Photographers usually get paid for their labor.

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