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Friday, January 18, 2019

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Whats the best way to clean sex toys? Health

Proper cleaning of sex toys is essential to avoid bacterial infection or transmission of STIs. While some STIs die once the fluid they live in dries, others (such as hepatitis and scabies) can live for weeks or months outside of the body.

ASK THE DOC: Can sex toys cause bacterial infections

Cleaning your new sex toys is easy and pretty intuitive, but it's very important, so we thought we'd include a howto. Wash your toys as soon as you receive them and after each use to help protect yourself and the toy.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys So You Can Use Them Safely

How To Clean Sex Toys Prevent Infections& STDs. For those who wonder if they can get STDs or infections from sex toys, the answer is yes. You can get an STD if you share your sex toys and you can get an infection from sharing your sex toys or even using them without properly cleaning them just by yourself.

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